From Ashes to New

From Ashes to New

From Ashes to New

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General Standing Admission: $34.50 + Fees
4 Pack Pricing: $24.50 + Fees

With Special Guests Ekoh, Phix, Point North and Elijah

Artist Info

A side project that turned into a main band for all involved, From Ashes to New fell together with members from other Lancaster, Pennsylvania bands that were falling apart. Employing a versatile amalgam of metal, hip-hop, hard rock, and electronicore, Pennsylvania’s From Ashes to New first found success with the hard-hitting and emotionally charged single “Through It All,” which appeared on their 2016 debut LP, Day One. The group further honed their empowering metal/hip-hop hybrid style on subsequent efforts like Panic (2020) and Blackout (2023) and landed a string of Top Ten Billboard Mainstream Rock singles (“Crazy,” “Panic,” and “Through It All”).

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